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At WALK we believe that everyone who wants to work, have a job and a career can do so, given the right supports. Our role is to facilitate individuals to fulfil their employment and career aspirations by supporting them to realise their potential, access opportunities and build their own natural supports.

WALK have developed and piloted different innovative supported employment programmes aimed at increasing the rate of employment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognises the right of persons with disabilities to work, on an equal basis with others; this includes the right to the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labour market and work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities. States Parties shall safeguard and promote the realisation of the right to work, including for those who acquire a disability during the course of employment, by taking appropriate steps, including through legislation.

I firmly believe that employment is a basic human right for each and every citizen of this country, and I will work as Minister towards making it happen, in co-operation with organisations such as WALK.

Minister Kathleen Lynch

Ability Projects - WALK REAL and WALK PEER

Ability Projects

WALK are delighted to be one of 27 Community, Voluntary and non-profit organisations across Ireland to be funded through Ability.

WALK's funding under this scheme are for the following:

WALK REAL programme.  You can find out more here.

WALK PEER programme. You can find out more here.

WALKways Tallaght University Hospital

Transition programme

WALKways Tallaght University Hospital Programme offers a one-year structured learning programme run in partnership between Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB) and WALK, a community organisation involved in the education and training of young people with intellectual disabilities, across Leinster.

Learn more about this exciting, unique and innovative programme here.

WALK PEER Programme


Providing Equal Employment Routes

For a young person with a disability the expectations and opportunities to take the first steps into paid employment are significantly lower than for their non-disabled peers. Consequently, young people with disabilities fall behind in this vital area of life development. Without the awareness, expectation and opportunity of work, people with a disabilities often miss out on normal life transitions.

WALK PEER Programme is aimed at supporting young people who are in education to successfully transition into the world of work by taking steps into further education and training and paid employment. “WALK PEER” is designed to support students with a disability, aged between 16 and 24 years old, to avail of same opportunities as their non-disabled peers. 

While participating in the WALK PEER programme, students are supported to recognise where their interests, skills and talents lie, to realise where they might best fit the labour market and to learn the skills associated with successfully finding and keeping a job. Participants grow in self-confidence and have greater expectations, awareness and prospects for future employment.

To read some stories from participants of the WALK PEER programme click here

See here for a short video about WALK PEER Mentors 

Skills and Opportunities Programme

WALK Louth delivered an Entrepreneurial Skills and Employability project through Ulster Bank’s Skills and Opportunities programme. The focus for Skills and Opportunities funding is to support organisations that help people in disadvantaged communities develop, create or access the skills and opportunities they need to help themselves; skills that will enable them to get into work or start a business, now or in the future. 

WALK Louth’s project was a structured programme building entrepreneurial and employability skills amongst young people, aged 16 to 19 years, who are senior students in two special schools in County Louth (St. Brigid’s in Dundalk and St. Ita’s in Drogheda). Students’ employability skills, entrepreneurial potential and employment awareness is developed through one to one supports, development of mini companies and engagement with the broader business community. The project also employs engages past pupils of the schools as PEER Mentors – young people who have already taken the steps into mainstream employment or further education and who are powerful roles models for participants.

See more on this programme by visiting this page here.

Realising Employment Ambitions in Life

REAL Programme

While the rate of unemployment for people with disabilities is reported as 56%, the rate is in excess of 85% for people with intellectual disabilities. WALK recognises that there is a very real gap in services for people to avail of employment opportunities. The WALK REAL Programme is designed to support adults who have an intellectual disability and wish to explore the world of work and experience paid employment.

Benefits for participants Include:

  • Professional Job Coaching that will advance career development.
  • Earning money, to allow for more independence.
  • Personal growth, increased confidence and self-esteem. Increasing network of contacts and friends.
  • Increasing skills development and decision making.
  • Ongoing support and follow up care whilst maintaining relationships and providing necessary training and support for the employer.

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