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What is it like to work at WALK?

At WALK, we pride ourselves on being an employer of choice. We look for the best staff teams to support our vision and mission. 

When we find them, we do our best to keep them! We nurture people. 

We encourage regular discussions between staff and their line managers - and indeed other managers! We encourage people to sample different types of work. Through various different human resources supports and initiatives we aim to get the best from our greatest asset, our staff team! Some of these initiatives include: A comprehensive Learning and Development Policy; a Performance Development System; A Wellbeing Committee; A Mental Health in the Workplace Policy.

This page is dedicated to sharing stories from our staff team. It hopefully gives you an insight in to what it is like to work with WALK.

Keep an eye on our jobs page for information on upcoming jobs at WALK. 

Lisa's "Walk through the Years"

Lisa's colour dash run with her staff mates

Lisa's "My WALK through the years"

Lisa first came in contact with WALK in 2010.  Now in 2018 she reflects on her journey through WALK from her student work placement to her role as day services line manager.

"The year is 2010 and I’m a second year Social Care student looking for somewhere to do my next round of work placement. I have no experience in the field of social care and the thoughts of working with people with intellectual disabilities terrifies me…..so I do it anyway. I make initial contact with WALK and my placement is set up. Thinking back to the first day of placement, two things still resonate with me eight years later. The first of these is that I was unable to identify staff from people being supported..."

Click below to read the rest of Lisa's story of how hard work, determination and a value set that matches WALK's has earned her many moves across the organisation.

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Embracing change symbol

I do not discriminate

We had the pleasure of having this staff member on our team for a few years.  Having left WALK to pursue a career in a related field, he wrote and kindly shared a reflective article on his journey as part of the WALK team.

"...Towards the latter years of my 20’s, having graduated with an honours degree in Psychology, I took up the position of Psychology Intern with an organisation based in Dublin. I was enthusiastic and energised, yet the demon still hovered above me. This organisation provided support in a myriad of ways to people with intellectual disability, autism and mental health issues. Little was I to know when I first strolled into the building that my time there would be transformative. The name of the organisation is WALK". 

Click below to read the rest of this uplifting story of courage and determination.

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