Adam's job in Regatta

Adam's job in Regatta

Read Adam's story in his own words about his job working in an outdoor sports and adventure store

Adam at Regatta

As part of WALK’s Spring Jobs initiative I started working as a Shop Assistant in Regatta Great Outdoors in the Square Tallaght back at the start of March 2017. It was a job placement for a duration of 2 hours a week for 10 weeks. For the first few weeks I got some help from my ITT Peer Mentor Jodie who came with me to work and after each shift we wrote up a work journal to say how I was getting on. As a Shop Assistant in Regatta I check shop standards to make sure that clothing and equipment on the rails and shelves always looks neat and appealing to customers. I also take in deliveries and I keep the store and stockroom tidy. Whenever there are customers about I always remember to acknowledge our customers and think ‘smile, ask and thank’ in order to help them.The team that I work with (Erica, Pamela, Ciaran, Ryan, Jordan, Loretta and Caiti) are very nice, friendly and polite and quickly made me feel like part of the team. When my 10 weeks at Regatta finished they felt that I did such a good job that they kept me on which made me very happy to continue to be part of the team. This job has helped me to gain experience in employment and my confidence has been growing ever since I started working there. As a runner and cyclist I love to be in the shop because it sells lots of sports clothing, gear and equipment which I know loads about and can help other customers who are interested in sport. I am now in my 6th month working at Regatta and hope to continue to grow with the team for a long long time.


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