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This arrow represents where we are in relation to fulfilling the goals set out in our Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020. 

You will see this arrow with more green as we progress through the plan.  

This image will be updated after every board meeting (last update from March 2018 meeting).

About our impacts


Voluntary services today must be very clear about what they are trying to achieve and they need to develop very specific aims and objectives along with strategic plans and targets.

WALK has launched its Strategic Plan for 2015 - 2017 and alongside it has developed a monitoring and evaluation tool to measure progress. This measuring tool breaks the plan down in to:

OUTPUTS - these are the activities WALK does and the supports WALK provides.

OUTCOMES - these are the changes, benefits or learning that happens as a result of our work.

INDICATORS - these are the pointers we use to measure whether the outputs and outcomes are being achieved.

We will regularly report on progress of this Plan and will use this area to show the impacts we are making.

Leading Change - Indicators of success

Personal Outcomes Measures (POMs) 2017

Personal Outcomes Measures 76% Outcomes are present for the people we support

tick box
Personal Outcomes Measures (POMs) - 2017

Personal Outcomes Measures 88% supports are present for the people we support.

Choose Personal Goals

92% respondents said they 'chose personal goals'.

Developing High Performance Teams - Indicators of Success

Service User Satisfaction Survey 2017

“The people in my life support and encourage me.” – 95% agreed.

People talking graphic
Service User Satisfaction Survey 2017

"I can choose what I want to do" - 92% agreed

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Service User Satisfaction Survey 2017

“I can easily get help or support if I want it.” – 90% agreed.

Graphic people in conversation

Delivering Outcomes - Indicators of Success

1 Rickter Scale Pilot

WALK introduced the use of the Rickter Scale for person centred planning.

Tick boxes on clipboard
24 hours of external training on facilitation achieved
18 people and teams provided with mentoring on High Quality Planning
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Connecting People - Indicators of Success

5 Lobbying issues put on lobbying register.

WALK lobbied on the areas of Employment, Education & Training, Social Enterprise and Housing.

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9 days of community events

in 2016, WALK ran 9 days of community events.

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270 volunteers engaged with community activities

Volunteers engaged in the following:  Winter Wonderland, Fright Night, Walk for WALK, Golf Classic, Stars in their eyes.

72 people with disabilities in employment.

By the end of 2016, 72 people have been supported into jobs by WALK's Supported Employment Programmes.

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154 People supported on work placements

By the end of 2016, 154 people with disabilities have been supported in to work experience placements through WALK's Supported Employment Programmes.

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23 PEER Mentors

There were 23 PEER mentors available during 2016.

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Delivering Sustainable Resources - Indicators of success

Successful sustaining of Louth Project

WALK worked tirelessly to ensure continued viability of WALK Louth's Supported Employment Programme.

Increase in use of recycled materials

WALK recycled 12% more materials in 2016 than in 2015.  WALK had a 6% decrease on paper usage from 2015 to 2016.

33% increase in number of people in paid employment

WALK supported 33% more people in to paid employment in 2016 than in 2015.

Progress Reports


Board Reports:

The Quality Department send Monitoring and Evaluation reports on 2015 - 2017 Strategic Plan to the board. Board reports are issued bi-monthly. They will be updated here shortly after the board meetings occur.

Progress Report dated 01.09.15     

Progress Report dated 02.11.15

Progress Report dated 03.01.16

Progress Report dated 04.03.16

Progress Report dated 05.05.16

Progress Report dated 06.07.16

Progress Report dated 07.09.16

Progress Report dated 08.11.16

Progress Report dated 09.01.17

Progress Report dated 16.03.17

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