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28th February, 2014

Charity Sports Challenge Day, Iveagh Sports Grounds, 21st June 2014. »

23rd December, 2013

WALK: A Shared Journey. Six people tell their stories about how they are living self determined lives»

12th November, 2013

WALK Christmas Wonderland»

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When WALK met Anne first she was living in long stay institutional care. "Now the place that I live in is truly home to me", says Anne.

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WALK successfully supports people in training in local community colleges, in our individualised training centres, and at University level.

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WALK strives to provide leadership for greater community inclusion and increased quality of community life for ALL people.

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Think of our day support services not as buildings or locations where your life takes place but as locations from which your life begins.

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WALK is committed to developing opportunities for you to pursue hobbies, interests and friendships. The opportunties are only as endless as your imagination.

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To enable individuals to gain equal access to employment opportunities through the development of supported employment pathways based on individual needs and abilities.